5 Ways SecureArchive Can Enhance Your Online Document Management
In the age of technology and computing software, it’s easy to get lost in all of the online document management and storage hype. SouthData is redefining digital document management with SecureArchive — our online document management system that offers quick, convenient, and confidential access to your documents.
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Playing it Safe: Email Encryption for Your Business
Think about the amount of sensitive information that is transferred and communicated over email on a daily basis. Confidentiality is the bedrock of many businesses’ relationships with their customers. This privilege is at risk every time you send an email.
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SouthData Offers HOA Combined Mail Services for Increased Savings
Imagine if you could eliminate return mail in your office, keep your homeowner databases updated with current addresses and information, and electronically access past statements and mailings — all from the convenience of your desktop.
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SouthData’s Householding Service Offers Valuable Postage Savings for HOA Customers
Every HOA or management company knows that it’s important to stay in touch with their homeowners, whether it’s through statements, letters, postcards, community announcements, or other forms of regular communication. Postage costs for mailings and statements can quickly deplete budgets and resources. That’s why SouthData is constantly working to create new solutions and services that help you save on postage costs.
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OSG Billing Services Acquires SouthData, Inc.

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OSG Billing Services Acquires SouthData, Inc. Creating a Leading Outsourced Billing and Customer Communication Management Company
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Tackling Undeliverable Mail with Automated Return Mail Services
Undeliverable mail is a significant and costly problem. According to the USPS, on average, companies experience an undeliverable rate of 4-5%. The rate for the collections industry may go as high as 20%. Maintaining accurate mailing and billing information can be challenging, especially with millions of Americans changing their address every year.
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Healthcare institutions, automotive dealerships, school districts, and law offices — what do these organizations have in common? They all rely heavily on paperwork and records to run efficiently and effectively.
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Enhance your marketing strategy by taking advantage of the statements and mailings you send to customers through SouthData. By aligning our billing processes and mailings with your marketing, you can improve marketing results and communicate with customers at a lower cost.
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Dwight Springthorpe, vice president of SouthData’s networking division, has been appointed by the Surry County Chapter of the American Red Cross to serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the 2014/2015 year.
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When SouthData first visited with the manager of a well-known medical billing institution in Mobile, AL, there were boxes filled with documents piled everywhere. Employees were finding it difficult to locate the records they needed and were growing frustrated with the time spent searching for important paperwork.
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