Are you facing a space and organizational crunch? If so, SouthData will help you reclaim or reorganize your office space, making your staff more efficient and productive in the process.

SouthData will store your documents off-site, so you can re-purpose your file room -- turn this area into new offices. Off-site storage is ideal for inactive files, and if you do happen to need a file, our automated Web-based Recall System will help you find any record quickly and efficiently.

We offer:

  • Off-site Document Storage
  • Folders & Accessories
  • Color Coded Labels

StoreRight Offers:

  • Secure, easy access to records, 24 hours a day
  • Maximize your office space—get the most out of every square foot
  • Eliminate misplaced files and increase staff efficiency and productivity
  • Quick, accurate and confidential electronic delivery of recalls