SouthData is a national, full-service document management provider specializing in electronic and paper based billing, high quality variable printing, distribution and mail services, electronic and paper based storage, document scanning and computer service.

As a division of OSG Billing Services, SouthData offers a wide range of products and services for a variety of industries designed to help clients achieve more efficient billing methods and document management strategies.  

We continually look past the horizon for new products and better ways to serve our customers by coupling the latest equipment and software systems with a highly skilled staff to offer innovative technology solutions. SouthData holds five locations throughout the U.S. This national presence allows us to provide our customers with personal, timely service and offers seamless integration for production and data management. 


Affidavit of E-Verify Compliance

Our Values

Quality & Innovation

When we purchased our building there was a lint-covered sign hanging loosely from a wall. It said: “Think Quality. If Better Is Possible, Good Is Not Enough.” The sign now hangs in our lobby. We saved it as a reminder that quality is important, but quality alone is not enough. We must continuously offer creative and cost-effective solutions to the problems faced by our clients.

SouthData serves thousands of clients of all sizes, from coast to coast, in a variety of industries. Our products total more than 18,000 options. As one of the country’s leading providers of billing solutions and imaging products, we are committed to excellence, innovation and growth in our service to you.


Community is a big part of what we are at SouthData. We are strongly committed to the core small-town values. Honesty. Loyalty. Friendliness. Integrity. Responsibility. Accountability. We work hard, but take the time to step back and appreciate what we have. We believe in being true to family, friends and associates.

SouthData demonstrates this commitment through our participation in the March of Dimes, the United Fund, and through our support of numerous local teams and organizations. Our folks volunteer thousands of hours each year to non-profits, churches and schools. We gave 500,000 color postcards to the “Let’s Say Thanks” program that delivered them to our troops overseas. The principle of neighbor helping neighbor is how we approach the work we do with our clients.


We have an innovative environmental program that allows us to recycle or reuse 95 percent of all waste. Our recycling efforts began with our new-to-us facility.

In 2005, our building was an abandoned textile mill that stood as a stark reminder of what had been lost from our community.

Working with another small business, we recycled the structure into a home for two technology-driven companies that employ 200 people and represent what the new economy will be for our area.

In 2008, we’re proud that our efforts resulted in a 34 percent reduction in energy use from the prior year. We have a group of employees called The Green Team, a committee that constantly thinks of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our Clients

Our goal for you is fast, efficient, cost-justifiable processing of your orders. But our top priority is quality. And we’ll never sacrifice it.

For example, the critical nature of billing documents demands speed and accuracy, particularly at the end of the year. If these documents are printed incorrectly, missing key information or not delivered in a timely manner, you’re in trouble.

We appreciate that and the tremendous amount of pressure you’re under to make sure everything goes right. So decades ago, we became experts in this area. Then we leveraged that knowledge and experience throughout a variety of industries and applications. So when you come to SouthData, you can rest assured that we’re already one step ahead of you.

We are SouthData

We Share a Vision of a sustainable company, staffed by energetic and engaged employees working in an atmosphere of respect, delivering value for our clients and building a future for our communities.

Our Mission is to make our parts of the world a little better.

We do this:
By providing the opportunity for meaningful employment,
By working hard to exceed client expectations, and
By giving back to our communities.

We Believe:

In the life-long benefits of education,

In the value of honesty and hard work,

In the confidence of high expectations,

In the security of teamwork,

In the durability of quality, and

In the joy of giving back.