Focus on serving your clients – not fumbling for files or worrying about security and storage.

SecureArchive® provides a secure online document library of your medical billing statements, collection letters, eStatements and more. With SecureArchive®, you can quickly access your patient’s bills to promptly answer their questions.

SecureArchive® features a secure, password-protected archive, which is only accessible to the people you designate such as your medical staff or customer service representatives. With this complete online document management system, you have instant 24-hour online, quick and confidential access to billing statements and documents. Customer questions can be answered immediately and individual statements or documents can be reprinted as necessary.

For your added peace of mind, we also maintain a log of when each document has been viewed and printed by the user. No special training is required to use SecureArchive® – it’s a quick and easy method for locating all your FlexBill® statements right from the convenience of your desktop.

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