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How to Streamline the Billing Cycle with Our New Resident Billing Portal

How to Streamline the Billing Cycle with Our New Resident Billing Portal

Jul 12 2018

It’s simple: Today’s customers don’t want to wait for you.

With so much of the world already at your residents’ fingertips, it’s natural for them to expect that same immediacy and convenience to extend to the ways in which they view and pay their bills. If a resident or homeowner wants to make a payment at 3 a.m. after looking at their bill, your company must be prepared for that preference.

That’s why our comprehensive Resident Billing Portal aligns perfectly with the ease of use and independence that today’s customers expect (and demand).

The portal integrates billing and payment into one simplified platform with a single sign on that’s available to customers 24/7. Simply put, it’s one place for them to view current and historical bills and make payments. The self-service portal also allows them access to all their billing delivery options and settings, inclusive of email, cloud storage delivery (such as Dropbox) and paper delivery. They can receive, view and pay their bills wherever, whenever and however they’d like.

Moreover, the integrated solutions allow them to opt in or out of channels at any time. They can choose paper today and email tomorrow.

There are numerous benefits on the client end, starting with the cost reduction. The portal streamlines communication with residents and enhances the efficiency of bill and statement delivery. That delivery time, in turn, improves payment response time. Through payment processor integration, residents can make payments immediately upon viewing a bill. We offer seamless coordination with payment processors, major banks and software suppliers.

The portal is customized and configured to your specifications, fitting in with your existing model and boosting your branding efforts. Those branding initiatives extend to the bills and invoices themselves, which can feature your company’s logo, color scheme and messaging. In short, the portal and its contents will look like you.

Contact us for more information. Your customers are ready.