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Overwhelmed with Undeliverable Mail? SouthData Has the Solution

Overwhelmed with Undeliverable Mail? SouthData Has the Solution

Jul 19 2018

Undeliverable mail can take a surprising toll on business operations. Every piece creates an additional workload on employees, takes up valuable office space, and is reoccurring every time items are sent through the mail stream. With SouthData’s secure return mail processing, however, you won’t have to touch a piece of undeliverable mail again.

The return mail processing system replaces the piles of undeliverable envelopes stacked on your desk with a simple sortable report. We receive the returned mail at SouthData’s secure operations facility, where our systems will capture important contact information to keep your customer databases accurate and up-to-date. We can also capture return information to eliminate costly, future mailings, and can even re-mail communications to an updated address to help streamline your organization’s customer communication processes.

Maintain a high-quality mailing list by removing bad addresses and updating address changes in a monthly report that is easy to use. We will provide you with updated USPS information to ensure future mail pieces are not repeatedly sent to incorrect addressees.

Let SouthData save you time and money. Contact us for more information on return mail processing.