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SouthData’s Householding Service Offers Valuable Postage Savings for HOA Customers

SouthData’s Householding Service Offers Valuable Postage Savings for HOA Customers

Aug 04 2014

​Every HOA or management company knows that it’s important to stay in touch with their homeowners, whether it’s through statements, letters, postcards, community announcements, or other forms of regular communication. Postage costs for mailings and statements can quickly deplete budgets and resources. That’s why SouthData is constantly working to create new solutions and services that help you save on postage costs.

Many times, homeowners or developers own multiple homes or lots in one community. Those owners may wish to receive just one envelope when a mailing or statement is being sent from the HOA. Utilizing advanced technology, SouthData has developed a process to accommodate this need automatically — offering valuable postage savings and convenience.

Options to Fit Your Individual Needs

SouthData’s householding service has multiple options from which to choose depending on the type of mailing you create. In cases where the mailing is generic, such as an announcement or copy of a budget, SouthData’s process will recognize identical mailing addresses and only send one copy to the owner. This reduces multiple printing and mailing costs for the same document.

In instances where the owner must receive multiple and unique documents, such as billing statements or personalized letters, Householding will print every document for the mailing address and bundle them into one envelope.  This insures the owner receives all the documents required but with the convenience of only one envelope and one postage cost.

To add even more flexibility for you, you may set a default choice to use Householding for mailings, but may disable that feature on an order by order basis if you so desire.

As always, SouthData is dedicated to providing you with the greatest and most efficient products and services to support your business needs and make your life easier.