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SouthData Offers HOA Combined Mail Services for Increased Savings

SouthData Offers HOA Combined Mail Services for Increased Savings

Aug 28 2014

Imagine if you could eliminate return mail in your office, keep your homeowner databases updated with current addresses and information, and electronically access past statements and mailings — all from the convenience of your desktop.

We are pleased to announce SouthData’s Combined Mail Service, saving you even more by bundling three essential services into one convenient, low-cost package. Our Combined Mail Service includes:

  1. SecureArchive
  2. Return Mail Processing
  3. Address Correction Report

Do we have your attention yet?

These three services are designed to effectively enable you to simplify your mailing processes by eliminating your return mail, keeping address files up to date and accurate, reducing postage costs, and allowing you to access all homeowner communications through a secure, online library.


SecureArchive is an online document management system that provides a secure, online document library of your billing statements, letters, and all other homeowner communications. With this complete online system, you have 24-hour, confidential access to your documents.

Return Mail Processing

Rather than return mail piling up at your office, SouthData receives your return mail back to our office — eliminating the need for you to handle return mail manually. In addition, a monthly return mail report will be available on SouthData’s secure website that you can download to view reasons for non-delivery. 

Address Correction Report

When placing an order for First Class Mail pieces with SouthData, your data files are processed through USPS-approved software. This software looks at every address and automatically updates your address files to ensure accuracy and delivery in a timely manner. The address correction service will provide you with a report for any address changes or corrections based on the most current information available.

To take advantage of SouthData’s Combined Mail Service, contact your sales representative for more information. As always, we are dedicated to providing you with the greatest and most efficient products and services to support your business needs and make your life easier.