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5 Ways SecureArchive Can Enhance Your Online Document Management

5 Ways SecureArchive Can Enhance Your Online Document Management

Nov 05 2014

In the age of technology and computing software, it’s easy to get lost in all of the online document management and storage hype. SouthData is redefining digital document management with SecureArchive — our online document management system that offers quick, convenient, and confidential access to your documents.  

SecureArchive gives users the ability to organize, arrange and edit documents for complete and customizable document management. The sleek user interface enhances navigation by allowing users to search for documents based on name, client number, address, or other search criteria specified by the user.

  1. Improve staff ’s productivity by providing a forum for workflow creation
  2. Easily prioritize responsibilities and assign documents/tasks to users
  3. Save valuable  time locating documents and organizing information
  4. Enhance customer service by quickly recalling archived documents for immediate answers to customer questions
  5. Rest assured that all documents are securely stored and encrypted for your peace of mind

We understand that staying competitive — especially with our products and services — requires constantly evolving. Consider SecureArchive the latest evolution in online document management. We’ve added file encryption, firewall protection, and audit logs that track user activity so you can rest assured that your confidential documents are secure 24/7.

When it comes to your organization’s documents, you simply can’t rely on storing and sharing. With the capacity to store and manage millions of documents, SecureArchive acts as an extended arm of your business.