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Five Products and Services that Can Help You in 2015

Five Products and Services that Can Help You in 2015

Dec 30 2014

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, many people focus on self-improvement. Whether it’s hitting the gym more often, promising ourselves we won’t take that last slice of pizza, or vowing to read more books and watch less TV. There are always certain things we could be doing to improve our lives and make things easier.

SouthData believes that finding ways to improve our customer’s lives and enhance their business practices is just as important as those personal resolutions. Each year, we work to create new, innovative products and services that help you work smarter and simpler.

Here are just a few of the SouthData products and services you should be taking advantage of in 2015:

1. SecureArchive: SouthData’s online document management system. With SecureArchive, you have the ability toorganize, arrange and edit documents for complete and customizable document management. It also acts as a secure repository of all statements and mailings you send through SouthData.

2. Automated return mail: Whether you’re sending billing statements or letters to your customers, there’s nothing more frustrating than returned mail. Luckily, SouthData offers mail solutions for cleaner address files and improved workflow. 

3. Mailings, mailings, mailings! What if we could help you communicate more effectively with your clients and build lasting professional relationships?  SouthData offers a suite of products designed to enhance client communication and keep customer interaction and attention at the forefront of your business.

Next time you mail and bill or a statement, why not include something special to connect with your clients:

  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Inserts

4. eStatements: In an increasingly electronic age, SouthData supports eStatement adoption and offers resources to educate you and your clients, and encourage electronic billing and presentment. Adoption of paperless billing is achieved when customer convenience is prioritized. SouthData’s eStatement solution enables you to provide your clients with secure electronic statements delivered directly to customer inboxes.

5. Certified Mail: If you’re still filling out forms manually and taking time consuming trips the post office, STOP. With SouthData’s Certified Mail, everything you need is conveniently located online. Track the status of your orders and view delivery confirmation signatures.