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Kicking Green Cards to the Curb: A Certified Mail Success Story

Kicking Green Cards to the Curb: A Certified Mail Success Story

Jul 05 2016

Before Russell Jones, Person County Tax Administrator started using SouthData's automated online Certified Mail service for the county's garnishments, sending Certified Mail was a time consuming and tedious task.

Along with the hassle of organizing green cards and return receipts, much of the county's time was consumed by preparing, folding, and sealing envelopes — not to mention the monotonous trips to the post office. The amount of time and resources spent handling Certified Mail manually was adding up — and Person County was in need of a more efficient process to make their lives easier.

SouthData worked with Person County to offer them an online Certified Mail solution that allowed them to eliminate trips to the post office and green cards altogether.

Now, Person County enjoys online tracking of all Certified Mail and can view delivery confirmation signatures instantly from the convenience of their desktop. SouthData performs all of the folding, inserting and mailing, eliminating days of manual work for employees.