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Work Smarter, Not Harder — Top 3 Most Important Features of ROI Software

Work Smarter, Not Harder — Top 3 Most Important Features of ROI Software

Jul 05 2016

Release of Information can be a complex and time consuming process. On a daily basis, you most likely struggle with ensuring requests are fulfilled in a timely manner, dealing with piles of paperwork, and managing billing information — all while trying to stay HIPAA compliant. Here are three features to look for when considering an ROI software.


Managing and fulfilling requests manually increases risk for errors and HIPAA breaches. Not to mention all of that paperwork can make organization stressful and inefficient. Adopting an electronic ROI software that streamlines every aspect of the process saves hours of time creating, searching for, and completing requests.

2. Making compliance a priority

Excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past! If you're not using a HIPAA-compliant ROI software, you're risking more than just your job — healthcare organizations rely on their reputations and often pride themselves on their attention to patient privacy. A HIPAA breach could result in a costly lawsuit and a damaged reputation. Take compliance standards seriously and use software that offers security measures, audit tracking capabilities, and user permissions.

3.Increasing your revenue

Your ROI software should be doing more for you than just fulfilling requests. It should be helping your organization generate more revenue. By using an ROI software and managing requests in-house, you can enjoy an additional revenue stream that would normally go to a third party. Choosing software that enables you to organize billing requests, set minimum and maximum charge releases, and dictate record volume means a value-added revenue stream.

What if there was a software solution that included these three features and more? Great news, there is!

SecureReleaseautomates the entire ROI process, offering a user-friendly, customizable workflow that allows you to manage and complete requests from start to finish.

  • Create new requestors and search for existing ones
  • Monitor fulfillment statuses
  • Upload, scan, print and email invoices
  • Designate user roles and permissions for optimal workflow and efficiency