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New HOA Electronic Voting Service: Create Ballots Online and Process Votes Faster

New HOA Electronic Voting Service: Create Ballots Online and Process Votes Faster

Jul 05 2016

SouthData is excited to announce a new service that allows you to create online HOA ballots and elections from the convenience of your desktop. Create ballots according to your election specifications and feel confident that votes are processed accurately. It's simple, organized, and will save you the hassle of sorting and counting paper ballots and proxies.

We understand that your homeowners are unique and many of them may want the option to vote online rather than receiving a paper ballot. With SouthData's electronic voting service, it's simple. Create your ballot online with our ballot creation tool and mail an election letter that includes a link to online voting. Homeowners will have the option to vote electronically, or vote via a traditional paper ballot. It's all about choices!

Would you have better participation if voting was easier?

  • Homeowners have the option to vote electronically, or vote using a traditional paper ballot - the choice is theirs!
  • Homeowners fit voting into their schedule and enjoy convenient, immediate access to elections.
  • Homeowners who are ill, out of town, disabled, or otherwise not able or willing to attend the election will not be excluded and will not have to vote by proxy.

By running elections through SouthData's election platform, HOA members can feel confident that their votes are processed accurately.

  • Manage and organize HOA elections online from one convenient location
  • Voter-verified audit trail
  • Integrated voter authentication
  • Accessible and mobile-friendly
  • Multiple question type
  • Integrated paper voting

Want to know more about creating online elections through SouthData? Contact your account executive today and be sure to check out our tips for creating a successful electronic ballot. We're excited to be able to offer you this unique solution and are looking forward to discovering ways we can enhance and improve your election process.