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3 Reasons You Need Remote Support for Your Business

3 Reasons You Need Remote Support for Your Business

Jul 05 2016

Picture this: It's Monday morning at the office and you're just sitting down to start the day. Coffee in hand, you log onto your desktop, only to find that something isn't right. Maybe you have a virus, email isn't working properly, or you have a software issue. Rather than spending valuable time waiting for a technician to arrive or fumbling with it yourself, what if a technician could diagnose your problem without you ever having to leave your desk chair?

Remote support allows the technician to diagnose a problem by remotely connecting to your computer, server, or mobile device to resolve issues without ever needing to leave the office. Whether you are next door or across the nation, all that is required is your permission and an Internet connection.

1. Save valuable time

Although some computer issues may require a visit from a technician, you'd be surprised at how quickly many issues can be solved through remote troubleshooting. If your computer or server has power and an Internet connection, chances are a technician will be able to help you remotely — meaning your problem is fixed faster and you have less interruption to your day.

2. Enjoy cost effective problem solving

Whether your organization has 10 employees or 500 employees, remote support offers a cost effective solution that won't drain money or resources. When a technician visits your office, it requires waiting, travel time, and often work interruption — which leaves you unable to move on with your day until the situation is remedied. With remote support, a technician can be connected to your computer within minutes. The technician can work from his or her own office, which means less resources are used and more money stays in your pocket.

3. Experience flexible and personal service

With remote support, you can enjoy one-on-one service from a technician simply through sharing your desktop. Since remote support technicians can screen share and see directly into your desktop, they are often better able to find the cause of the problem than if you were to try and explain a problem over the phone. Remote support also means flexible customer service and no need to make an appointment.

If you want better Monday mornings and less computer troubles, consider remote support for your business. You can thank us later.