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5 Ways Optimized Mail Services Can Improve Your Business

5 Ways Optimized Mail Services Can Improve Your Business

Jun 15 2017

As more and more companies transition to electronic billing, it’s important to remember that digital solutions can also improve print and mail services. Paper can be optimized. SouthData combines the latest mail technologies offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) with our own proprietary software for more efficient mail delivery, maximized postage discounts, improved collections and maintenance of an accurate customer address file.

These services are available to some of our markets right now and will soon be available to all of them. Here are five ways optimized mail can improve your business.

  1. More efficient mail delivery means more control.

An obvious point, but nonetheless worth emphasizing: You’ll know when your invoices are sent out and when they reach their destinations. Each piece of outgoing mail gets an Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) specific to its envelope, which allows it to be tracked.

  1. Tracking outbound mail can help with staffing.

Since you know the status of your mailed invoices and statements, you can better predict the staffing needs at call centers. When the customer calls spike in volume, you’ll be ready.

  1. You can verify a customer’s check is in the mail.

That IMb code? You can also add it to the return or remittance envelope. There’s no guesswork—the check is on its way or it isn’t. Which brings us to the next point.

  1. You’ll have better insight into cash flow.

Because the inbound mail has the IMb codes, managing cash flow becomes much easier and much more efficient.

  1. You’ll likely reduce your volume of undeliverable mail.

The accuracy of mailings is crucial to your business. NCOALINK®   processing provides an updated address for any person, family or business that has moved and changed their address with the USPS within an 18-month period. Those new addresses are updated as the mail is handled, so there are no delays in delivery.

In conclusion, as your company evolves its invoicing practices, it makes sense to maximize the digital potential of whatever system you’re currently using—even print.