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Document Storage


SouthData’s document storage and recall services are a cost efficient, manageable way to store and organize your important records. With over 30 years of document storage and recall experience, SouthData guarantees secure records storage and timely recalls for all of your confidential documents.

Store and manage a variety of documents, including:

  • Large-format engineering drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Insurance records
  • Financial records
  • HR and employee information
  • Material request forms
  • Contracts and patents
  • Equipment maintenance records
  • Invoices and warranties

...and more

Our storage system works in conjunction with our scanning services and online document management solution to offer you access to electronic versions of all your stored records.

With the use of innovative barcode tracking technology, our secure recall software enables us to find your documents instantly any time you need them. Documents are stored in a secure off-site venue that enables to you reclaim valuable space in your warehouse, office or factory. The facility is secure and our warehouse staff is on call 24/7.


Document storage