Breaking Up is Hard to Do — Let SouthData Make It Easy
Valentine’s Day is approaching and like many others, you may find yourself in search of the perfect relationship. No — we don’t mean flowers, chocolates, and love notes. We’re talking about the perfect relationship between you and your print and mail vendor.
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Get Ready for the SouthData Winter Classic Basketball Tournament
SouthData is pleased to announce we will be sponsoring the North Surry High School Basketball Tournament this December in partnership with the North Carolina Second Harvest Food Bank.
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New HOA Electronic Voting Service: Create Ballots Online and Process Votes Faster
SouthData’s new electronic voting service streamlines and improves the election process. It's simple, organized, and will save you the hassle of sorting and counting paper ballots and proxies.
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SouthData Celebrates 30th Anniversary

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SouthData Celebrates 30th Anniversary
We’re 30 years old! When people turn 30, we often hear about them entering a pre-midlife blues, throwing away those jeans they wore in the 80’s, and wondering if it’s acceptable to pretend they're still 29.
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How to Increase Your HOA’s Revenue with Coupon Books
Successful HOA’s are always looking to find creative and unique ways to be competitive and profitable. Would you like to eliminate an annual expense or turn that expense into a profit? Of course you would!
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Work Smarter, Not Harder — Top 3 Most Important Features of ROI Software
Release of Information can be a complex and time consuming process. On a daily basis, you most likely struggle with ensuring requests are fulfilled in a timely manner, dealing with piles of paperwork, and managing billing information — all while trying to stay HIPAA compliant. Here are three features to look for when considering an ROI software.
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How one North Carolina school system's IT department is thriving — with a little help from SouthData
For Yadkin County Schools, IT and computer services were a big priority. Ensuring their network systems were secure and working efficiently for all 14 schools in their system was essential. From classrooms and administrative offices, to interactions with parents and students, technology continued to be a growing and essential need.
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Kicking Green Cards to the Curb: A Certified Mail Success Story
Before Russell Jones, Person County Tax Administrator started using SouthData’s automated online Certified Mail service for the county’s garnishments, sending Certified Mail was a time consuming and tedious task.
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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff this Summer: Leave Your Homeowner Mailings to SouthData
Warm weather is finally here. For homeowners, this means cookouts, neighborhood lemonade stands, and Saturdays at the pool. For HOA’s and management companies, the spring and summer seasons often require increased communication with homeowners.
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Five Components You Need to Achieve the Perfect Billing Solution
What do you look for in the perfect billing solution? Ideally, you want something whose components create a happy medium for both you and your customers — a solution that meets your needs for accurate and timely billing while offering customers convenient and flexible bill pay options. Ahhh, if only such a solution existed, right?
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