Secure storage for your healthcare records

SouthData’s document storage and recall service, StoreRight™, is a cost-effective method of managing your healthcare records. With more than 20 years of document management experience, SouthData guarantees professional storage and recall services.

Manage a variety of healthcare records with StoreRight™, including:

  • Patient Charts
  • Fetal Monitor Strips
  • Microfilm / Microfiche
  • Physician Credential Files
  • Insurance records
StoreRight™ provides a low-cost method of storing your hard-copy records. It can also complement our ScanRight™ document scanning service to provide a comprehensive back-up of your electronic records.

With StoreRight, documents are stored off-site which allows you to maximize your office space. By using StoreRight™ your organization gains the utilization of SouthData’s secure warehouse facilities and highly trained warehouse staff who are on call 24 hours a day.

SouthData’s StoreRight™:

  • Is 100% secure – gated access to the campus, keycard access to the facility, full-range security camera system
  • Utilizes the latest inventory tracking capabilities – barcode labels on every box tracked by a software-based system yields instant recall availability
  • Uses SecureMail™ electronic recall delivery – electronic delivery of recalled documents are sent via encrypted email. Users have an online log-in to gain access to the SecureMail™ delivery system
  • Employees undergo thorough background checks - are bound to confidentiality agreements
Let SouthData take the burden off of you. We’ll store your healthcare records safely. Call 251-343-7616 for a consultation with one of our storage specialists today!